Common Logical Fallacies in Arguments

Fallacy is the use of faulty reasoning which results in an unsound argument. Fallacy may have been committed intentionally to manipulate the audience, or unintentionally due to carelessness or ignorance. Critical audience often points out fallacies or flaws in an argument. Knowledge of logical fallacies will help you to build a fallacy-proof argument, hence stronger credibility.

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Getting to Know How a Corporate Bank is Structured

Good sources which provide adequate explanation about corporate banks are very limited, whilst sources that discuss investment banks are readily available everywhere. As someone who successfully made a jump into corporate banking, I dedicate this post to those who are interested in starting a career in a corporate bank or those who wants to know more about corporate banking industry. Continue reading “Getting to Know How a Corporate Bank is Structured”

How I Passed CFA Level 1 in 4 Months with Non-finance Degree

Before I made a leap of faith to Corporate Banking, I had heard about the notoriety of CFA examination which only passes < 50% of its test takers. There is no passing score, but instead you are graded on bell curve against your peers. Intimidated, I did not study at all, and failed my first attempt on Jun-15. I recouped, intensely studied for 4 months while working full time, and finally passed CFA Level 1 examination on Dec-15. Continue reading “How I Passed CFA Level 1 in 4 Months with Non-finance Degree”

Photography 101: Beginner’s Guide in Understanding the Exposure Triangle

Photography is an art of capturing light.

DSLR, mirrorless, and higher-end point-and-shoot cameras provide manual mode to allow photographers manipulate the amount of light entering the camera’s sensor by adjusting 3 parameters: ISO, shutter speed, and aperture.

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Reality Check on Amway: Is It a Scam?

One day, a friend (“prospector”) whom you barely knew contacted you for the so-called business opportunity. Having piqued your interest, the prospector set up a meeting with you on a nearby cafe. The confident-looking prospector opened the chat with why it was better to have a business on your own, and fluently described a very good opportunity to exploit. He then took out a product catalogue and asked you: “have you ever heard of Amway?”.

Are you here because you were invited to join? And you start to wonder, is Amway a scam?
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